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Browse through superb images that capture the rugged beauty and grandeur of the Clanlands of Scotland to the vast horizons of the American Landscape.

- Caledonia to California -

Also featuring unique images from Lindsay Robertson's recent projects on Endangered Animals and Horses - captured in his portable photography studio.

-   The Endangered Series   -

-   The Equine Series   -

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints - Prices start at only £145.00 each

Image is everything, and the Print is the canvas by which photographers exhibit their Art. The Print is not only a work of art but also an object of art.

Exclusive and individually printed the Limited Edition Prints are hand crafted and finished to order. Select and unique premium fine art prints which elegantly reflect the captured image.  Offered in editions from 5 to 75 depending on the image size.

The Limited Edition Fine Art Prints  are true C-Type photographic prints from the portfolios of Lindsay Robertson’s original photographs, available in a variety of sizes so you are sure to find a print to suit your surroundings.

The images have been printed from extremely high quality scans of the original 10” x 8” and 5” x 4” film negatives, or from the original digital camera files. The images have been processed in Lindsay’s digital darkroom using the same painstaking and crafted ’painting with light’ techniques that he utilises in his traditional darkroom.

Many of these images are printed from the originals that were used for Lindsay’s joint exhibition with the master photographer Ansel Adams.